Theme: The Fear Of Breathless Trials  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Great Is Thy Faithfulness By The Majesty And Glory Performers.

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: The worries and problems of todays world have left us breathless and speechless. 
In the same way that COVID-19 attacks and causes breathless in a physical manifestation, Christ said “it is finished” as his time of death and the spiritual manifestation of breathlessness through the constant squeeze and pressures on our faith. 
God will avenge those that seek to suffocate then poor. The Lord will act, he is not slow to do so. Do not be afraid whilst you wait, you will be vindicated and God will not forget you and come to you aid. 
Uphold Justice, equality for all, let us wait for the lord for he will revive our spirit.

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