By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Mercy by Flavour × Semah

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Our God, God of justice, power and might. Lenient  and understanding always. Merciful, passionate and slow to anger always. Why do we fail to be like him?

We fail because of the tensions and inability to comprehend the balance of sin by excess and sin by defect. We fail when we seek vengeance and when our relationship with God has no bearing on our own heart. 

We must learn to live with those that hurt us. Mercy calls for peace. Forgiveness may seem nonsensical, but it shows our appreciation of God’s judgement and our capability to meander the tensions between sin and grace.

It is sometimes difficult to be patient and kind. We are constantly tested, but how do we respond?

The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. Saints are sinners that overcome sin. We seek victory over sin and death.

Let us stay focused on being compassionate and forgiving. His mercy reigns over us, we are called to do the same. 

Establish his love and mercy wherever you are and wherever you go to. Mercy must be established in Jesus name.

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