Theme: Make Real His Consolation  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Gift Of Finest Wheat By OCP Session Choir

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Jesus went to a lonely place to mourn the death of John the Baptist. As we mourn our own physical and emotional losses in the face of Covid 19, we remember the suffering of Christ.

All who are thirsty and hungry listen to the Lord. It we listen we will be heard. We most never forget the promises made by God, who will give us our food in due time. 

Nothing can prevent our reception of our fathers blessings. Nothing can come between us and the love of God. We must allow him to enter our homes, we must look up to him, we must seek him and ask him to shine on us. 

Our Lord emphasises with us, Christ will let us out of our sin, we simply need to believe in him. We are called to share this offering of consolation with others. 

Let us end the restlessness of others as modern living saviours. Turn now to those around us who need us. Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.

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