The Life Is sacrificial,  But Graciously Satisfying  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music by Our Lady and the English Martyrs Choir
St Margaret Of Scotland-RC-Carshalton Beeches

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: In the face of present chaos and pandemic the word offers real hope for the future. Through endurance we have hope.

Do not lose hope in God, as Christian who work in the spirit, we sometimes feel disappointed. We live for God we must not forget and stay the course with Christ. Stay with the message of eternal life.

Are you willing to stay with Jesus, are we willing to change and do the will of God?

Let’s proclaim our comittment to Christ. We will discover the will and goodness of God. A life in, with and for God. 

You will be given everything, you will have everything if you follow the course of the Lord.

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