By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: My Hope Is Built by Norton Hall Band

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: The solmenity of St Peter and St Paul, two great apostles of Christ. A fisherman and teacher chosen to fulfil a common mission to make the world know, understand and believe. 

Both were martyred for their faith. St Peter was identified as the Head of the Apostles and the founder of the church. St Paul was the first to practice faith seeking across different cultures. The letters and writings of St Paul are the basis of theology as we understand today.

To interact with Paul is to interact with the requirement to proclaim the good news. Once committed a whole stream of events occur, which know man could ever dream of. 

Let us ask for fearlessness, courage and power of our faith as we step out to proclaim the news. 

Let us evangelise together and emulate St Peter and St Paul as two great witnesses of our faiths.

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