By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: Holy Spirit, We welcome You by Chris Bowater & Alpha And Omega Israel by Israel & New Bread


Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Pentecost commemorates Jesus’s recreation of the world and the entry of the Holy Spirit. Jesus revived his disciples and paved the way for the Holy Spirit, making all persons new and reunited the people of God. 

Pentecost day celebrates the fire that offers the new law. A new spirit within. The apostles received the gospel of salvation. We too have been baptised and received the salvation of the Holy Spirit. We can do greater things in his name, we should open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. 

We are called to lead others to Christ. The Lord expects us to call others to him. We must remember our duty as Christians to spread the good news to all the inhabited nations. We must place our trust in him and he will purify and sanctify us to do this. 

Let’s recreate our commitment to do so through the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit.

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